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Strive Football Group enters the Esports and Web 3.0 spaces

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Tundra has signed a global partnership with SideQuest, also known as Wanyoo, which will see the largest public gaming venue chain featured across the teams community activations, socials, content and Dota 2 team jerseys

Tundra, a London based esports organisation with an international roster of the world’s best Dota 2, Fortnite and FIFA talent has signed SideQuest as their Premium Partner and Official Esports Venue Partner in a global deal. The partnership will offer SideQuest visibility across all Tundra channels and will provide Tundra with bootcamp venues and spaces to create community events.

Wanyoo first launched in 1998 with an internet café in Shanghai, China and is now the largest chain of public gaming venues in the world with over 1200 stores in over 50 cities. Wanyoo UK division will now become SideQuest to give the brand a fresh new look that will better resonate with the UK gaming and esports community. Each store in the UK underwent a makeover to become an improved hub that would allow people to connect, compete and collaborate with people locally and across the country. Stores offer state-of-the-art gaming hardware, private hire, events and tournaments for any gamer of any level. SideQuest is also planning a regeneration of the esports studio based in Charing Cross Rd.

To kick off the rebrand SideQuest turned to Tundra, one of the fastest-growing esports organisations. The team recently signed a Fortnite roster and launched a content creator arm to the brand, increasing the teams reach by 81% to 2.9M in just one month with the signing of three new creators, ‘Jorhdys’, ‘Motor’, and ‘LukeDutch’, with more names being revealed soon.

The mutually beneficial partnership will offer the new brand visibility across Tundra’s social media channels and content, and promotion across the Dota 2 team’s jersey and in-game assets. Tundra will have access to all of SideQuest’s facilities across the UK for bootcamps, and together they will collaborate on community activations, allowing Tundra to cement its position as an international esports organisation.

To celebrate the rebrand and kick off the partnership Tundra pitted creators LukeDutch and Jorhdys against SebFUT and Motor to race to the flagship SideQuest Charing Cross store completing a SideQuest of their own along the way. Streamed live, creators were met at the store by Tundra’s ambassador, British Grime artist P Money who hosted a viewing party on Tundra’s Twitch channel watching as the race unfolded and interviewed talent on arrival. The broadcast offered viewers at home a chance to take a first look at the space.

Tomi Tikkala, Head of Business Development for Tundra said: “Wanyoo is a globally recognised gaming venue offering a fantastic network of players around the world. Our players, and therefore our fans, are not focused in one destination so having hubs that we can tap into for training or to connect with our community is incredibly important. We’re hoping to generate visibility for their new UK brand SideQuest and we also have big ambitions when it comes to how we engage with our community, whether that’s through content or physical events so having spaces available to us in all major cities presents a huge opportunity.”

Michael Mullholland, Marketing Manager of SideQuest said: “We at SideQuest are extremely proud to be an Premium Partner and Official Esports Venue Partner for Tundra. The world class performances of their players and their community is something that we view as greatly aligned with the experiences we want to be able to offer. Working with Tundra to be able to provide, not only the players but also their fans, unique opportunities to experience with our help is something we are extremely excited to be a part of.”

The new SideQuest Hub app and website are now available for gamers across the UK to access any of our UK Gamer Hubs and SideQuest Member benefits.

Author: Tracey Gomez