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SOFTSWISS Jackpot Aggregator Launches First Global Campaign Across MGA Brands

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Considering that the new gambling operator in Bulgaria Sesame has started its activity as a chain of land-based casinos, it should not surprise you that the gaming segment of the company is among its leading advantages.

By opening the online Sesame casino, you will quickly see that the company offers many different options to players. These include slots, table games, entertainment programs, etc. However, the main attraction is certainly the Live casino, where you can play in real time with completely real croupiers.

What is the live casino segment?

Undoubtedly, online casinos, no matter how many advantages they have, cannot recreate the authentic and unique atmosphere of a real land-based casino. Maybe in the future virtual reality and the metaverse will make this possible, but at least for now it’s hard to achieve.

However, online operators are doing their best to get closer to the truth. The result of their efforts is the live casino platforms, which are real-time games with real croupiers and other table players. Although only to some extent, it can make you feel like you are in a real casino and experience the thrill. The great decor and authentic play tables make the atmosphere even more real.

Live Casino at Sesame

Sesame cannot compete with other gambling brands without a Live Casino option in its platform. And, of course, we can find this option by entering the website.

By opening the live casino section of the operator, you will see what is offered. You will see many different tables for games such as roulette, blackjack, poker, baccarat and others. For each game there are suggestions for different versions, which in turn gives us even more choice.

The croupiers are an important part of the whole segment. In this case, these are attractive men and women at a young age who are well trained in how to run the game and communicate as professionally as possible with the players. Although there is no live contact, because you are still behind the screen of a computer or phone, you will probably feel as if you are in the gaming hall.

It is important to mention that different gaming tables have different limits. This means that if you are a high roller player who likes big bets, you should look for a table that matches this characteristic. And vice versa – if you prefer lower limits, look for such a table.

Don’t forget about the bonus

Currently, Sesame is one of the operators in Bulgaria that offer a bonus designed specifically for playing in the live casino. This is the Drops & Wins offer, which you can find in the “Promotions” section of the company’s website. It allows you to take part in roulette and blackjack tournaments, where the prize pool reaches and exceeds BGN 40,000. Carefully read the conditions for participation and consider whether you can join. The awards are definitely worth it!

Author: Tracey Gomez