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Prepare to pile up the winnings as Yggdrasil and Bulletproof Games release Mega Cash Stacks

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F2P leader enters into a strategic collaboration with Inside The Pocket’s leading agnostic platform to grow its global scope

Thunderbite, a leading free-to-play (F2P) games provider, has entered into a strategic partnership with Inside The Pocket (ITP) the pre-eminent free-to-play aggregation platform, to broaden its distributional scope.

The deal sees Thunderbite deliver its comprehensive F2P product portfolio to a new network of operators via the ITP platform, an industry-first aggregation model for the free-to-play sector. In turn, Thunderbite’s array of sports and non-sports content will help diversify ITP’s offering and deliver varied gamification options which track player proclivities across igaming with other games that reside outside F2P’s traditional sports-betting domain.

ITP’s ground-breaking marketplace now affords a host of innovative suppliers a simple route to market which, in turn, offers worldwide operators a wealth of value-creation opportunities across a broad spectrum of content from one seamless integration.

Thunderbite already offers in excess of 25 games across 30 countries and in 25 languages (via multilingual API) in Europe and the Americas. In fact, over the past 12 months, the F2P supplier has rolled out around 10 new games.

More broadly, Thunderbite allows its partners to launch a wide range of F2P prediction, jackpot and more hyper-casual game formats with seamless speed across any language or territory.

It’s the latest tactical move from Thunderbite after a series of key alliances which have seen the F2P-games expert deepen its offering by providing real-time rewards and incentives based on specific campaign triggers, allowing Thunderbite to drive player engagement via highly personalised communications with cross-sell capacity across both acquisition and retention strategies.

ITP’s proven international scope and flair for localization promises to drive diversified fan engagement around targeted free-to-play games. Thanks to its open-aggregation approach, Inside The Pocket already offers the broadest and best-curated mix of games available, with one platform integration acting as a gateway to virtually unlimited content.

ITP provides the most modular and democratised strategic F2P platform around, assembling the best minds and models for a new era in fan engagement, localized to specific global markets. When you’re signed up individually to one or more developers, you can end up with a set of expensive integrations or all your eggs in one basket. Instead, ITP’s open-aggregation platform takes the sting out of such outmoded deals by providing the requisite flexibility for maturing markets.

Inside The Pocket’s technical know-how sets it apart in the crucial F2P domains of game development, player management and, above all, multi-level data. Its dashboards provide clients with the full picture on player activity, thanks to aggregated cross-network player data (e.g. from individual customer journeys to in-play data, and other shared insights on player segments).

John Smith, Co-Founder at Thunderbite, said: “ITP’s simple-yet-transformative pitch of ‘one single integration unlocking the gateway to the entire F2P marketplace’ positively delineates them for operators. And regardless of Thunderbite’s relentless recent growth, you should never rest on your laurels in this industry. That is why this third-party collaboration with an aggregator as well-positioned and unique as ITP made such strategic sense.

“Operators worldwide can now effortlessly expand their portfolio through ITP, with this sports betting content aggregation platform affording easy access to the best products on the market, featuring F2P and other agile content solutions. So, we can’t wait to expand our worldwide footprint and observe how our localised games perform in diverse territories which, in some instances, represent new ground for us.”

Hussain Naqi, Founder and CEO of Inside The Pocket, said: “This collaboration is the absolute embodiment of mutually beneficial. For ITP, it provides us with more fantastic content and engagement tools for our burgeoning book or customers. While, for Thunderbite’s sales and outreach teams, we make their jobs easier, streamlining the process and its efficacy by removing impediments to the decision-making process.

“Further, this this partnership has deepened and diversified our offering to broaden ITP’s scope into igaming and wider non-sports content. As markets crystallise and new regulations coalesce, the best and most flexible portfolio will always prevail. And this partnership is an excellent way of framing and delivering these strong products to the end user. It’s all about the agility this offers for both of our customers and future prospects.

“As a market leader in the dynamic, evolving F2P vertical, Thunderbite was a logical choice as an ITP partner. They deliver a myriad of F2P games for assorted operators, from traditional jackpot and attainable-prize games for retention and responsible play, right through to light-touch and casual games. ITP’s multifaceted assets are already revenue-generating for our operators, so we’re thrilled with the early international reception from our growing global association of betting partners.

“We’re perfectly placed to leverage this opportunity because we can diversify content, leverage consumer data and segment it for our partners as the evolving landscape unfolds, particularly in the crystallising North American space. Harte Hanks, the world’s leading consumer-data provider, also affords us unique consumer insights that will allow us to hyper-segment our audience communication over time – from this summer’s sporting jamboree to the T20 World Cup cricket and the World Cup 2022 football later this year.”

Author: Tracey Gomez