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Tech pioneer, 4Players, has unveiled its latest cutting-edge innovation, ODIN by 4Players, continuing its mission to revolutionise in-game experiences. ODIN offers crystal clear voice chat, 3D spatial real-time voice, and seamless integration into game development engines, including Unity, Unreal Engine 4 and Unreal Engine 5. Built with the metaverse and beyond in mind, ODIN supports immersive voice experiences for a new age.

Created by a team of developers who are truly passionate about improving user experience and understand the importance of total immersion in gaming, ODIN is 4Players’ newest product. Following the success of 4NetPlayers – the company’s high-end, low latency server hire service – ODIN is an audio SDK that can be easily integrated into the next generation of game engines. With immersive and interactive gaming being the focus, ODIN’s tech levels-up in-game multiplayer communications, with spatial audio that makes voice chat feel more real than ever before. Highly optimised, ODIN is crystal clear and lag-free, with incredibly low latency and is compatible when developing across all current platforms.

Dedicated to privacy and security, ODIN is encrypted end-to-end and fully GDPR compliant. With a generic API, ODIN is flexible in its integration and with its cutting edge SDK, the game engine does all the work. Maximising the potential of in-game environments, ODIN can be attached to any in-game object to create an audio experience unlike anything else. Truly developer-friendly and quick to integrate, the process takes under a day to complete, creating a smooth and efficient experience for developers.

Developers are beginning to take advantage of the new tech, including the team at Combat Waffle Studios, a veteran owned game studio. This studio is using ODIN for the use of voice chat in its VR Multiplayer Survival game Ghosts of Tabor.

Reinaldo Vieira, Lead Developer at Combat Waffle Studios said: “ODIN by 4Players voice chat is the best choice for cross-play voice communication, besides having features that competitors do not. The setup is extremely easy, and having a team that supports you every step of the way to ensure you are on the right track is a relief.”

Using the same brand-new technology for game developers, 4Players has announced its own open-source chat client that is powered by ODIN. A truly feature-rich suite, this service offers a self-hosted platform for conferencing, allowing audio, video and text chat. ODIN doesn’t just level up the gaming experience, but work life too. Supported by Swift and SwiftUI, an IOS test client for ODIN is now available on GitHub. With this new advancement developers can integrate ODIN’s SDK into their games across IOS, placing the true power of spatial audio into the most popular operating system on mobile devices.

Sven Paulsen, CTO at 4Players said: “By creating ODIN by 4Players, we are giving developers the resources they need to create the most immersive gaming experience for the next generation. For us, this is important because at 4Players we understand, play and love games, and strive to have this reflected in our products.”

ODIN is deeply integrated into Unity by leveraging the native Unity AudioSource API for playback, which means that voice is part of the game engines´ scene and encourages developers to use standard Unity tools like AudioMixer. ODIN comes with custom built audio occlusion APIs that allow it to simulate the effect of thick walls and direction. The ODIN plugin for Unreal Engine is also deeply integrated into the engine by building on Unreal Engine’s Synth component, meaning that standard Unreal Engine tools can be used for audio effects and ODIN automatically uses Unreal Engine’s built in audio occlusion. These unique features allow developers to integrate realistic, immersive, 3D spatial real-time voice and sound into any Unity or Unreal Engine game in no time and with ease.

ODIN was developed by 4Players, a company which has been shaping the games industry for over 20 years with a suite of cutting-edge products. 4Players is at the forefront of the next generation of game development and playing, with its server hire service 4NetPlayers, a favourite of developers and gamers alike. ODIN is 4Players’ latest offering, created by a team of industry experts behind the forerunning platform TeamSpeak.

Author: Tracey Gomez