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Gaming Corps partners with 1X2 Network

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The world of online gaming has enabled near inexhaustive supplies of fun and profit in equal parts. Every online casino’s promises of great earnings coupled with interesting games have resulted in many gamers flocking to their sites.

And when it comes to their offer of games, one game you’ll always find in an online casino is slots. This relaxing, simple game can have a great effect on the people who play it, although it mostly depends on luck. Still, the pretty pictures and colors are great to look at.

While there are many themes that come with slots, there is none so enticing as the Starburst slots. A long-time favorite since its release in 2012, below we’ll dig in to find out why these slots are so popular.

What are Starburst slots?

The concept is pretty simple. The Starburst slots is an online slot machine decorated with beautiful gems – 5 in total. It offers some great features such as winning both ways and respins.

Winning both ways essentially means you can match symbols both from the left and from the right. This differs from other reels in the way that other reels require you to match symbols from the left to the right. Already, this makes the chances of winning a lot higher than in other slots.

Respins, on the other hand, require wilds to activate. The wilds usually expand to cover the entire reel, but even if they don’t, they can help you make some winning combinations. The respins are free and can occur up to three times, giving you a higher chance of winning!

Already the Starburst slots give players an advantage when you compare them to other slots. The difference only gets bigger when you realize that Starburst slots have an RTP of 96.09%! The volatility of these slots is also low, making them a great choice for beginners. 

So, what does make Starburst slots so fun?

Every player has their own reasons as to why they choose a certain game. The answer as to what makes Starbursts so fun can’t be definite, so all that’s left is to make guesses.

If we had to guess, we’d probably say that the RTP and increased chance of winning make these slots preferable. Most older slots have an RTP of 93-95%. 

On the other hand, if you’re just playing these games for fun, the pretty colors are also great to look at. The design and sleek feeling of these slots make the game that much more enjoyable to play.

Author: Tracey Gomez