CIRSA Appoints Antonio Hostench as CEO – European Gaming Industry News

CIRSA Appoints Antonio Hostench as CEO – European Gaming Industry News

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Francaise des Jeux (FDJ) has unveiled its new information campaign created by Havas Paris, intended to promote more sustainable gaming.

The new campaign consists of new information on responsible and recreational gambling, intended to prevent harm.

Released at the beginning of April, the campaign consists of four thirty-second films that emphasise the importance for players to know and respect the rules of gambling.

The broadcast highlights the age limit (over 18), promotes setting limits when gambling and using the tools provided by the group to monitor play.

FDJ’s tools include “Playscan”, which informs players about the level of risk of their gambling practice; online gambling moderators, allowing players to set their own financial and time limits; brochures and self-assessment tests.

Each film offers a humourous tone, conveying the message that errors are made by participants if rules are ignored in sports. The clips include a game of darts being played with a javelin, bowls being played with a bowling ball, chess where both players move at once and scrabble where the word “xytoplaf” is put down.

Since 2012, the group has maintained the responsible gaming certification provided by the European Lotteries Association- making it the leading French player in responsible gambling.

Author: Tracey Gomez