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BGaming unveils The Big Atlantis Frenzy – a sequel to its hit comedy slot Dig Dig Digger

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Ever since the introduction of video games, since the days of Nintendo and Sega consoles, first-person shooter (FPS) styles games, and the more recent battle royale (BR) style games have become the most popular choice. Even though we see a lot of racing, arcade, and MMORPG-style games being released, FPS games still have a special place in the hearts of gamers.

In recent times, the popularity of video games in general, and specifically FPS style and BR style games, has increased tremendously. One of the contributing factors over the past few years was the pandemic. With people on lockdown at home, video games were a viable option for killing time and connecting with people.

Games as Social Environments

Another feature that has made FPS-style games a lot more popular is the introduction of the social element in the games that allows people from all over the world, or even a player’s friends and family, to come together through the game and play as a team. This is enhanced through the ability to voice chat during gameplay and to collaborate during the game.

In the past, even FPS games were isolated games in which the player was just playing the AI and there was no concept of connecting the game to your social media so that our friends and family can join. There were no regional servers that you could play on. Things are changing.

Mobile Gaming

Another big change is the shift towards mobile gaming. In the past, video games were dominated by consoles and desktop PCs. Ever since the inception of the smartphone,  both those platforms have decreased in popularity. As mobile devices get stronger and smarter, they are able to offer a gaming experience that nearly matches a console or gaming PC.

However, one problem that still persists is the game itself. Sometimes you are faced with opponents who see you before you see them. They move faster, their weapons do more damage, and it becomes impossible to even stay in the match, let alone win. Regardless of what platform you are playing on or which title you are playing, everyone has experienced that moment in an FPS game where the competition just seems too powerful. Here we have compiled a list of a few things that can help change that. Get ready to win with these useful gaming tips.


Hardware has a huge impact on your gameplay. Especially if you are playing from mobile, having substandard hardware can cost you the game. Everything from the screen you have to the speakers you are using to the GPU that is processing your game is important. When playing from your desktop you have a slight advantage, in that the screen is much bigger and you can have external audio through headphones or speakers, but the GPU is still a limiting factor. On mobile, everything is being delivered from a single device. If your speakers aren’t working well, you won’t be able to properly detect where the sound is coming from. However, the most important thing is the GPU. A fast processor and a powerful GPU will give you that buttery-smooth gaming experience which is crucial if you want to react within milliseconds and see the competition before they see you. Moreover, if your GPU can’t handle the stress of the game it will cause your device to overheat, and eventually, this will impact gameplay, often costing you the round. If you want to get serious about gaming, upgrade your hardware first.

Control Sensitivity

In PC gaming, control sensitivity is still important but not as important as it is in mobile gaming. For PC, you most likely have the sensitivity already set for your mouse and the controls from the keyboard don’t require sensitivity. At most, your mouse is only controlling one of two actions in the game. This is different in mobile gaming where all your controls are on-screen. The sensitivity that you select here can have a huge impact on how you perform in the game. More is not necessarily better. The key is to understand how the controls perform under certain conditions. If you need it, you can also get thumb grips to help you contact the screen better and input your controls more effectively.

Proficiency of Controls

In all kinds of video games, you have the ability to change the controls. In some cases, this is limited to changing what each button will trigger while in other cases you can completely remap the default controller settings. In mobile games, you can reconfigure the on-screen controls to suit your needs. For instance, in PUBG, some players choose to play with two fingers while others choose to play with four. The controls for each style are completely different. Similarly, when you are developing your own style of playing, there is no need to be confined to the standard controls. Move them around and see what works for your particular style of playing.

Player Advantage

Sometimes you will be playing against another team or you will face an enemy who just won’t die. Sometimes you will face someone who has locked onto you and no matter what you do you can’t avoid getting damage from them. In some cases, you might experience that another player is continuously firing and they just aren’t running out of ammo. There are countless bugs, loopholes, and Game Hack issues with popular shooter games that some players take advantage of. There is no reason for you to not do the same. After all, it is about establishing a level playing field. There are different kinds of hacks for different games and the way they are used depends on the game itself. In some cases, you just have to enter in command during the game and the cheat becomes active, in other cases, it is a more elaborate process that requires third-party software to alter the game’s code itself. Whatever game you are playing, there are countless hacks for it. Look into what you can use to improve your game and gain a competitive advantage.


Maps on modern games are getting bigger and more complex with every new update. While the biggest maps still belong to roleplaying games and other simulation-style games, FPS games are also getting extremely elaborate with how the maps are designed. You will notice that at the professional level, gamers often specialize on a certain map or even a certain part of a map when they play as a team. Professional gamers practice the same map for hours and hours on end because they know it will make a massive difference to their overall strategy. Ideally, you should know the map so well that you don’t have to think about it when you are playing the game.

You should know the map better than you know your own real-life neighborhood. This way you have the tactical advantage when you are navigating that area because you can outsmart your opponent with how you position yourself, and how well you are able to uncover their position. This applies to both small maps in close-quarter combat situations and larger maps where you are covering different kinds of terrain. You need to know where to find things, where you can get cover, where you have a good view of the area, and all other things related to knowing that particular map.


FPS games are action-packed, but there is also a need for patience. Whether you are wielding a sniper rifle or an SMG, it always pays off to take a second to scan the situation and plan your next move. It’s true that the element of surprise is important, but it is just as important to make calculated decisions. Too many players rush into situations where they are relying on brute force to win. Unfortunately, they run into a competition that is strategically placed, waiting for the opposition to do exactly that. Take a second to gauge the situation before making your move.


Each player is different and each has its own style. Some like to surprise opponents by throwing a stun grenade and following that up with a burst of an SMG while others like to sneak up on opponents and take them out with a dagger silently. How you approach your enemy all depends on you. There is no right or wrong way to do it; all that counts is that you get the job done and stay alive. That’s why it’s important to test out different techniques in different situations to see what is most effective.

Even if you personally enjoy playing in a certain way, the aim here is to win, not just do what you enjoy. If your approach isn’t working, try doing it another way. Also, if you are playing the same opponents on a frequent basis, they will eventually start to understand your approach and develop countermeasures. So, it is good to have a few different techniques up your sleeve so you can always surprise your enemy.


FPS games are all about the weapons. Some come as standard, some are unlocked at a certain stage, and some are only available for the most elite players. In reality, the kind of weapon you choose will not have a huge impact. Certainly, using a better quality weapon will always be better, but that doesn’t mean you need to have the best. In fact, having the best weapon could be a problem.

Those high-powered weapons also require the player to be proficient in the game and to understand how to properly use that weapon. Otherwise, you will be missing shots and exposing your location, just because you aren’t using the weapon right. On the other hand, a tactical player might be able to beat you even when you are armed because they know your weakness and their strategy is better than yours. Weapons are important, but having the best weapons won’t guarantee that you will win. This is only one part of the puzzle.


FPS shooter games are getting smarter and more complex and one part of this complexity is the many different accessories that players need to have. For instance, wearing the right color clothes for certain terrain, having the right explosives, having the right attachments for your weapon, or even having the right kind of medical kits to help you in a bad situation. These are things that will have a huge impact on how well you are able to handle the competition, especially when you are on a solo campaign.

This is also a challenge because there are so many accessories available that you may not know which one to choose or how much of each to carry. These decisions will depend on the situation that you are in and what your playing style is. This is a very important part of the game that cannot be overlooked.


The real fun is playing with friends or, more formally, as part of a team. Playing in a group has its own challenges and its own advantages and in this scenario, you need to not only be a good player, but you also need to be a good team player. At the same time, the team needs to have solid communication and needs to have a game plan. A lot of teams disintegrate because there is no clear direction that everyone is working towards.

Once the game begins, every player follows his or her own route and when players really need each other, there is no one to help out. They are essentially playing solo, but they just start off as a group. If you start playing with a team, stick to that team and develop your skills as a unit. Playing with new people is fun, but it does make it difficult to develop a good plan and strategy that you can follow game after game.

Author: Tracey Gomez