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Aspire Global Applies for Delisting from Nasdaq First North Premier Growth Market

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What has been the biggest user concern with online casinos? No doubt, it’s trust. Players have to trust the casino with their money, but they can’t make sure the casino is honest with everything, from filing small wins to paying out big jackpots. This issue has not been sufficiently dealt with for many years and there wasn’t a complete solution to make online casinos trustworthy enough for clients.

The blockchain approach is exactly what the industry needed for a while. Using blockchain to write down each casino’s transaction makes entertaining platforms transparent, therefore, attractive to players. And what happens when players find out there are in fact both trusted casinos and old-style, less transparent casinos? They’ll never go back to traditional, untrustworthy ones. Therefore, the blockchain approach will soon be compulsory in the iGaming business.

While creating a whole blockchain casino from scratch is difficult and expensive, there’s another way to make the existing casino trustworthy for players. Trueplay addressed this problem and offered a great idea to iGaming – a blockchain-based iFrame widget with tokenized loyalty programs.


What does it give to players?

An opportunity to get rewards in crypto tokens — a more interesting modern offer compared to traditional in-game bonuses
A reason to trust the casino. With Trueplay every transaction is stored in the blockchain, which means no one can edit anything. Players can see and verify each transaction in real-time, without the need to request any information from the online casinos.


And how do online casinos benefit from Trueplay?

Boosted average deposit per player
Higher time spent on the platform
Better user engagement and retention
Players’ trust


How does it work?

Operators create their own crypto token and add the Trueplay widget to their platform. It takes no more than 48 hours.
Players start receiving tokens for certain actions on the platform like making bets or staking tokens.
Players can verify any transaction through the transparent blockchain explorer and make sure the casino works honestly.
Players trust the casino’s brand, play more, spend more, and invite referrals.


You can see how the Trueplay widget works or book a call to get a personalized specialist who’ll show all the advantages of the blockchain solution.

The idea of switching online casinos to a blockchain is not new. Everyone believes in the bright future of the industry. But the solution to implement tokenized loyalty programs in less than 48 hours is something truly innovative.

Trueplay offers all the perks of blockchain transparency without the need for existing casinos to break the bank by investing a fortune. It’s an easy and ready-to-go solution that requires minimal effort from the operator’s side and no investments.


Author: Tracey Gomez