Altenar to scale next-gen betting terminal for global markets – European Gaming Industry News

Altenar to scale next-gen betting terminal for global markets – European Gaming Industry News

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With most things now moving online, gaming has also changed tact to attract more players and maximize wins. As such, online casinos are now becoming as popular, if not more popular, than land-based casinos. Slot machines are among the favorites in online casinos like Nitro Casino. This is because of their immense payouts, simplicity, exciting games, incredible bonuses, and flexibility in stakes.

The slot features meant to make the games exciting while boosting a player’s chances of winning are the main attractions for most slot game players. Each game will have a unique combination of slot features to heighten your experience. Below are some of the common slot features you will come across and how best to use them in your game.

Progressive jackpots

The prizes of progressive jackpots are the main attractions in online slot games. Progressive jackpots will accumulate as more people place a wager across different casinos. Each bet will contribute a certain percentage towards the total jackpot amount. This means you will win a higher amount when you leave the jackpot to accumulate over time. Thankfully, the jackpot reaches millions in hours because of the many players in online casinos. Progressive jackpots are the main features in online slot games that have turned gamers into millionaires.

Payback percentage

In slot machines, the payback percentage will depend on the coin denomination being used and the price per spin. Higher denominations will generally have better payback percentages. The prudent choice when you play slot machines is to make the maximum wager so that all your lines will be active during a spin. This will increase your odds of winning. Likewise, when playing slots with bonus rounds, place the maximum bet to have the highest winning chances.

Bonus rounds

All 5-slot slot games have bonus rounds. These bonuses are fun ways of earning extra payouts and increasing your enjoyment of the game. The bonus rounds are different from your main game though both games aim to award players with more wins. In most instances, the bonus rounds will be triggered when you land a specific combination of symbols. The casino’s wagering requirements will determine the term and conditions of the bonus rounds, so pay attention to these before signing up for bonuses. There are two categories of bonus rounds: bonus games and free spins. The free spins give you several spins that do not affect your available play balance. Depending on your game, you can trigger 5-10 free spins when you win a bonus round.


These are the most common features for slot games. Wilds can appear as slot heroes or simple logos based on a game’s theme and its developer’s imagination. They are usually used as substitutions to help players get a winning combination that would be otherwise incomplete. In basic slot machines, wilds can replace all paying symbols other than scatters and special characters like jackpot symbols. However, bonus-rich, complex slots have unique variations shown during bonus rounds.


These are your most valuable companions in online slots. Most games have scatters, but if one does not, it is often replaced with something like a bonus symbol that works in the same way. Scatters can trigger bonus games, meaning you can get mini-games, bonus rounds, and free spins with them. The rules of your game will let you know how many scatter symbols it will take to activate your bonus feature, but in most cases, you need at least three scatters. More scatters generally mean a bigger award, like more free spins. Unlike other slot game features, scatter symbols often have no payline rules to follow. You can spin the scatters in any position and still win.

Win boosters

In some slots, win boosters like multipliers, respins, avalanche, and nudge increase your win potential. Respin allows you a second chance to win while the multipliers will double, triple, and sometimes quadruple your winnings. Nudges or nudging reels introduce a new row of symbols that give you a second chance at winning by helping you complete wins. Tumbling reels or avalanches will fill the empty positions left by winning symbols with new symbols. This results in possibly bigger wins for one spin.

Choosing the best slots with the above features to maximize your winning odds is not so easy. Nonetheless, you can ease the task by reading the paytable, which contains the rules, special features, how to trigger the features, and the symbol payouts. The paytables will also include the key statistics that will determine your betting range and playing style. You can become one of the latest millionaires from online slots with the right features. 3-5 gamers out of 100 struggle with a gambling addiction. Remember to play responsibly because it is easy to get overwhelmed by the high payouts of online slots.

Author: Tracey Gomez